Tuesday, January 3, 2012

S3BMS by Chaz Evans

S3BMS prototype from Chaz Evans on Vimeo.

S3BMS is a new platform for singing-fish-based communication. S3BMS is a new international standard for short message communication which combines the informational efficiency of morse code with the semiotic flourish of robotic-singing fish gesture. S3BMS is specifically designed with naval and military aircraft communication in mind, but it is easy to foresee its popularity in the consumer communication electronics marketplace.

The system makes use of three official Big Mouth Billy Bass units, an arduino board and a wireless keyboard. The user types a message on the typing pad, letter by letter, and each letter is translated by the system into a coded pattern of fish movement. The language itself has a semiotic pattern (aka a "bass-glyph") for every letter in the English alphabet and numeral characters 0-9. Bass-glyphs are a combination of three gestures inherent to the Big Mouth Billy Bass unit: a) head turn b) tail flick and c) mouth open. The presence or absence of these gestures determine the content of the bass-glyph. As an open standard, it is expected that the S3BMS community will evolve the bass-glyphs language and find emergent new ways of communicating through the system as time goes on.

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